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USA Casino Bonus

Local USA Casino Bonus

Currently, the online gambling industry is among the fastest-growing industries in the United States when you look at statistics over the past decade. The internet is literally flooded with gambling sites and if you are a beginner, finding a local casino on the internet can be tricky. Of course, one of the reasons is because you have too many options to choose from. But then, the riskiest factor is that, if you aren’t careful enough, you could find yourself placing bets in an illegal betting arena. To that effect, you are going to learn about the basics of gambling online and how to choose the recommended online casinos where you can bet in, and to get a legal USA casino bonus. Sure enough, they might all look similar at face value. But then, there are some warning signs that can help you determine whether or not an internet betting site is legal. In the next few paragraphs you will find out the tips and tricks that can help you boost your online betting practice, even if you have zero experience!

Things To Consider Before Looking for A Local USA Casino Bonus

As we have already insisted, before you start placing wagers online, there is a range of factors that need to be measured to make sure that you are wagering in a legal online casino. Since you will link your identity and bank information with the bookie, you have to be absolutely sure that the gambling site is legit. If not, you may end up losing a lot of your hard-earned money. Not to mention that you won’t get any USA casino bonus, or if you do, the resulting bonus will not be a benefit, but may actually have you spending even more money.

Below is a list of criteria that we use to confirm that an online gambling zone is safe for you to play your favorite gambling games in:

License: All things considered, this is the first and most crucial thing that we look at. Does that bookie hold a legal license? Is the bookmaker regulated by an approved governing authority in the USA? If an online casino does not have a valid license and is not governed by a legitimate body of authority, then it’s definitely not legal.  We would never recommend that you play on an online gambling site that lacks that kind of information. All the most reputable gambling zones in the USA are usually transparent with the information about their licenses. They are always open to release documentation that confirms that they have complied with the industry standards and regulations.

Security: We are very strict on the type of security standards that an online gaming site has to have for us to deem that it is secure for you to play in. A bookmaker that is safe for you to gamble in needs to have highly advanced data encryption technology, up-to-date antivirus protection and an extremely sophisticated fraud prevention system. Furthermore, a secure bookie must also have a technical team of expert professionals that monitor all these security systems in real-time, around the clock.

Efficiency: One of the factors that contribute to an exceptional gaming experience online is the efficiency of the bookmaker. The site has to have a high-end performance full of exclusive player-friendly features. The software (both web-based and downloadable) has to be constantly updated so that it is free of any form of glitches that may interfere with the smoothness of the user experience. That is the only way you can enjoy your games as a gambler without facing any unexpected difficulties.

Tips For Online Casinos In USA

Reputation: We make it our responsibility to reach out to fellow gambling gurus and professional players to find out where the reputation of a bookie stands throughout the USA. We analyze that information together with our own research that is based on first-hand experiences that we encounter during our testing and examination of the gaming sites. That way, we always have the upper hand in offering you the pointers on where you should go to place bets in US casinos, and where to find USA casino bonus offers.

Odds: This is another critical factor that we consider before we recommend any betting site. The odds of the games that are offered there must be fair. If we find that the odds lean too much to the bookie’s advantage, then we will never recommend that you place your wagers on that website. That’s because you will almost always be playing to lose irrespective of your experience in that particular game. We make sure that the bookmaker uses the latest random number generator mechanisms to keep the games fair and square.

Payment methods: A gambling website that is worth your time and money has to be supporting US friendly payment methods. If you cannot peacefully deposit your money in an online gambling site, then there is no point of playing there. Apart from that, the methods of payment need to have timely and efficient transactions especially when it comes to withdrawing the cash that you just won.

Customer support: As you play online games, you could encounter a difficulty or you could just have a question. That is where customer support comes in. Online casinos that have responsive customer support teams are the best to play on. We take our time to comprehensively test how responsive a bookie is and how fast issues are solved; from the simplest to the most complex issues. If a bookmaker is unable to deal with customer issues in a timely manner, then that is an instant deal-breaker.

Whenever we want to recommend a bookmaker for you, the bookie has to meet the requirements that are discussed above. If any one or more of the above criteria appears suspicious then we automatically blacklist that bookie. Thus, if you stumble upon a local betting site that doesn’t meet these specifications, for your own safety, do not create an account there!

Local Casino Games In The US

Types Of Games In Online Casinos

Legal online casino websites have a wide variety of online games. There is literally no shortage of games to gamble in whatever your tastes are. What’s even better about gambling games is that they keep evolving to stay up to date with the latest occurrences in Hollywood for example. Casino slots are basically the most popular gambling games both online and in the brick and mortar facilities. They come with numerous variations and different themes that make betting more exciting for players.

Flash technology has been a game-changer in online gambling games as well as 3D-graphics and video animations. These advancements have made the games so much more popular because the focus is not only in playing the game well, but also in having fun. Add to that the possibility of having a USA casino bonus, and the games allow for even more fun to be had. All the online betting sites that we recommend come with a long list of different types and forms of games on their menu. Betting online is usually more interesting that placing wagers on a conventional gaming house because of the flexibility and the variation in the games. Apart from slot machine games, other popular betting games in the United States include: craps, Keno, baccarat, video poker, roulette, blackjack and Let it Ride.

Legal Online Casino Age Limit

To ensure responsible gambling in the US, an age limit is set for the gamblers before they can take part in any betting activities.

The majority of the bookies on the internet in the USA allow registration of users who have attained at least 18 years of age. But then, the age limit of legal betting tends to vary from one state to another. Most of the states have mandated that you have to be at least 21 years old for you to take part in legal online gambling. If you are 18 years old and your state mandates that the minimum requirement is 21 years old, then you will be breaking the law.

This means that you have to find out the minimum age restriction of online gambling in your state. Otherwise, you will be subjected to criminal prosecution as an underage gambler by the state or the local law enforcement. You just have to be careful not to find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Why You Should Place Your Wagers In Legal Betting Sites Only

There are lots of reasons why you should only take part in gambling in local casinos that are legal. Most of the illegitimate bookies look like they have some genuine benefits but it’s just a hoax.  We have already tested the betting sites for you to simplify your process of making the best choices for yourself.

Here is why you have to play betting games in legal online betting sites only:

  1. First if you decide to gamble in an illegal bookmaker, you could end up breaking the law because the site itself isn’t exactly in line with the laws. For example, an illegal bookie could allow underage players and that will land you in trouble. Gambling laws are very stringent so as a punter, you just have to be careful.
  2. Illegal bookmaking sites have a reputation of consistently ripping off their customers. The offers are not legit and the games aren’t standardized. The house will have an unusually high edge over you, the player, meaning that you will have no chance at winning any real cash. Play in legal online bookies only so that you can take part in fair gambling games.
  3. Your personal and bank information is not going to be safe on a betting site that isn’t legit. That’s because there are no tangible security measures put in place. Hackers could easily access your details and things can only get worse from there. Make sure you confirm that a bookie is legal before creating an account.
  4. Withdrawing your real cash in an illegal bookie site is usually problematic. Even if you happen to win some cash in the games, there will be lots of delays and excessive charges. At the end of the day, you will only withdraw a fraction of your winnings if you are lucky enough. In some cases, you will not be able to withdraw and you’ll get lots of error messages.
  5. Customer service in illegal betting zones is close to non-existent. Because you are being ripped off, no one will care enough to answer your questions via email or pick up your calls whenever you have any queries. This is too frustrating and the only way you can avoid that is by playing in a legit bookmaker.
  6. Since illegitimate bookies are out to rip you off, they usually have unfair terms and conditions that always put you at a disadvantage. That means that you may not be able to complain since you already agreed to the terms.
  7. Since the point of illegal bookies and casinos is to rip you off, there will be little chance of having a legal USA casino bonus offer on the website. Even if there is one, it will probably have such terms and conditions that it will be impossible to actually take advantage of said bonus, and it might even happen that it gives an even bigger advantage over to the house.

For the places to place wagers, follow our recommendations and you will never have any trouble. In fact, we regularly do rounds and tests on USA bookmakers and we will blacklist any sites that are not in line with the industry standards. That way, you can never accidentally find yourself creating an account in a bookie that isn’t entirely legal.

USA Casino Bonus Promotions Offered by Bookies

USA Casino Bonus Offers

As a result of stiff competition between legal online betting sites, there are a lot of bonuses, promotions and offers that bookies have in order to attract gamblers to their website. The recommended casino in the USA is the one that will have the most lucrative bonuses. But then, you also need to be very careful. Legal online casino sites will have reasonable deals and offers. The promotions will not be far-fetched or too much. If a deal is too good, then it probably is. Here, we will constantly update you with the USA casino bonus deals that online betting sites have to offer so that you can improve your gambling experience. There are lots of casinos out there that offer a wide variety of deals. That could be a little confusing but don’t worry, we got your back. Below, we are going to discuss the types of deals and offers that local gambling sites have. If you understand what a deal is all about, then you will have an easy time to determine whether it is best for you as a player.

Here is a summary of the most popular kinds of USA casino bonus offers in the online betting industry.

Welcome Bonuses: Among all the bonuses that the bookies offer, this is the most popular type of bonus. It is a bonus that is offered to the newest players in a bid to urge them to create an account with the bookie. As a new player, the bookmaker will offer you a bonus for creating an account and depositing a specific amount of money, say $10. Your deposit could be matched by up to 200% or even 300% depending on the casino. Sometimes for slot games, you could be offered some free spins of your favorite games. The welcome bonus will vary from one bookie to another. You will have to read the terms to see the potential benefits of the offer.

Casino Welcome Bonus USA

No deposit bonus: This is yet another popular betting offer in the online betting sites. It is also aimed at new players and it is in most cases part of a welcome bonus package. If you are a new gambler, it is a fine way for you to try out the betting games in a casino before committing any of your real cash. This bonus is usually awarded to you after you create an account with the bookmaker. Generally, these types of bonuses tend to be very small, between $5 to $30 but they do allow you to wager without risking your own cash.

Seasonal bonuses: This is the type of bonuses that are awarded to players depending on specific events. Some bonuses are offered daily, weekly or even monthly. Other bookies prefer giving bonus during holiday seasons or big sports events. They can be anything from free games, free cash or matched player bonuses.

VIP Bonuses: Almost all gambling sites have high roller promotions for players who spend loads of cash with the bookie. If you spend tons of cash gambling with a specific local casino, then you will be awarded loyalty or VIP points. These points could be in the form of real cash or other types of benefits that will give you a chance to play more. VIP bonuses also enable you as a player to earn more points for every dollar that you spend on that site. The points could enable you to access some extra hidden advantages that regular players will not have access to, for instance, conference invites, special vacations or exclusive tournaments.

Device specific bonuses: These are the kinds of promotions that can be redeemed with respect to the device that you are using. These bonuses have increased with the growth of mobile device industry. For you to receive the bonus, you may be required to download the mobile app for your device and once you download it, the bonus is yours.

Game specific bonuses: This is self-explanatory. In short, the discount or offer can only be redeemed when you play a specific game. For example, free spins can only be awarded in slot machine games. You cannot have free spins in a game that doesn’t have wheels or reels. In some cases, this bonus can be awarded to you so that you can try out a game that has just been released to the market.

Cash-back and Reload Bonuses: In the cashback bonus, the house is going to give you back your real cash in the form of free bets. Depending on where you are placing your wagers in, you could be awarded a cash-back if you win, lose or even depending on the total of the bets you have placed. The reload bonus on the other hand is a bonus where a small percentage of your real cash is awarded to you for your deposits either on a weekly or monthly basis. Reload bonuses usually apply even if you have lost all your cash from the bets you placed. The house will simply calculate the amount of real cash you spent then a percentage is given back to you for playing some more.

With all the above USA casino bonus offers, and more that we may not have covered, there are terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled. Local bookies in the US may restrict the offers to US players only or to players in specific states only. So, you have to read the conditions to see whether you are eligible for the bonus that you wish to redeem. Moreover, you also have to make sure that you can meet the requirements that the bookie has set for the bonuses. Most of the offers come with turnover requirements that must be met or else, you will not be allowed to withdraw your winnings. In fact, some bookmakers will nullify your bonus if you fail to meet the conditions that have been set for the bonus.

Why Should You Take Part In Online Betting?

Online Gambling

There are lots of reasons why you should gamble online in the USA. We all know how exciting staking some real money is. And furthermore, we all like to win and feel lucky. The only way you can have that feeling is going to a trusted site and take part in your favorite game.

If you have any doubts, then here is why you should create an account to start placing wagers today:

  • It is legal to bet online in only some states in the US
  • There are a lot of games that you can choose from and you can have a lot of fun
  • Some games like slot machines do not really need a lot of experience for you to win
  • Betting online is as thrilling as it is to bet in a physical brick-and-mortar site.
  • Gambling at the comfort of your home is more peaceful and there is less distraction than in an actual land-based structure
  • You can play your favorite games in the comfort of your home or anywhere you want as long as you have internet access
  • There are lots of bonuses, offers and discounts that can make your gaming experience more enjoyable
  • If you don’t want to gamble for real cash, you can just play for the fun of it in free-play games
  • In sports betting, you can support your favorite teams by putting your money on them

If you still don’t have an account, register today in any of the sites that we have recommended for you and you can start playing right away.

Quick Online Betting Tips For Real Money US Players

Quick Tip For USA Online Gamblers

Our main aim is to make sure that you have the best time while you place your wagers on online betting sites. That is why we take our time to carry out in-depth research so that we can provide you with the most valuable information in the online betting industry.

Here is a compilation of the best tips for real cash online betting that will guarantee you a rich gaming experience:

  1. Only play in trusted betting site: As we have already insisted, you should never create an account on a betting site before you have confirmed that the site is 100% legal. Better yet, stick to the legal online casino sites that we have recommended for you. We have already carried out the necessary research based on the criteria that we have outlined above. By following our recommendations, you will never find yourself betting in a site that isn’t completely legit.
  2. Take advantage of bonuses: Most local betting sites offer you a chance to kickstart your betting activities with extra cash, free rounds or free spins. Check the USA casino bonus offers and take the one that you feel suits you most. Base your decision on a number of benefits the bookie is offering you and the playthrough requirements. By taking advantage of bonuses, you can take your real money gaming a notch higher because you will have more opportunity to play.
  3. Choose your favorite games: In most cases, our favorite games are the ones that we are most experienced in. Whether its slots or any of the table games, make sure that you put your money on the games that you love most. That will make sure that you have a lot of fun as you gamble online. Before you sign up in any betting zone, first find out whether the bookie offers your favorite game.
  4. Before risking your real cash, try the free-play games: It is always advisable to warm up with the free play casino games before you put your money on the line. This especially applies when you want to try out a new game. By starting with the free play games, you will have a feel of what the game is all about and it will prepare you for the action in the real money version.
  5. Get as many payment options as you can: Online gaming sites usually have several payment methods available. It is advisable to have several payment options instead of limiting yourself to only one option. That’s because, sometimes, some bonuses are restricted for specific payment options and if you have only one deposit method, you will lose out if it isn’t valid for that bonus. Apart from that, if you have several payment options, in case you face problems with one, you can always use a different one as you try to solve the issue with the other payment option.
  6. Try betting in an international site: You don’t have to stick to the local betting sites. While there are many options to gamble from in the USA, you can still find some great options based overseas that players from the united states can access. There are some lucrative offers that are available in local currency that you could take advantage of. Just make sure that the site can be trusted before you create an account there.

     Mobile Gambling USA

  7. Play with mobile devices: Don’t just stick to playing local gambling games on the desktop. If you are looking for flexibility, use your mobile device. We all carry them wherever we go, so you can carry your game with you anywhere you go and you will never miss out on anything. You can receive live updates on the go and withdraw your winnings whenever you want. Most bookies in the USA have downloadable mobile apps for all the popular mobile platforms and they are as secure and efficient as the desktop site. In fact, some bonuses are exclusive to mobile apps so you can have an opportunity to get some extra advantage.


With the exponential growth of the online betting industry in the USA, there are lots of options for you out there. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you confirm that the site you want to play in is a legal online casino. Lucky for you, our team of gambling experts has done adequate and thorough research to provide you with the bookies that will provide you with a memorable experience as you gamble online. Don’t forget to sign up for bonuses and discounts that can offer you some extra cash or bonus rounds. You should also strive to be a responsible gambler. Play your favorite games wisely and if you should have a limit so that you can make smart choices. The best local casino websites will have a helpline set aside for you if you feel that you need some professional help due to your betting activities.

On this website, you can find information about local casinos in the New Jersey area or see information about a legal online gambling site, Tropicana Casino.


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